QueryStorm | C# in Excel

Every once in a while the game is changed forever. I guess Excel could now potentially become your ERP. :slight_smile:


don’t want to revive the other kind of storm by adding a new Idea, but would it be hard to integrate Roslyn in the efx / BPM interfaces?

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One of my favorite RunAs Radio episodes. :wink:

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I would probably not use this for a worksheet for others. I do use Excel for Project Management work, data analysis… I would maybe just use it for my projects. Once you start distributing the Workbook, everyone needs the Addin.

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Yes, Excel, Access, Project, etc. are great tools for individuals. Once you move to a group setting, that’s when things fall apart. It’s easy to have multiple versions of the truth, complicated macros make it difficult to audit, and it’s difficult to get aggregate data (Show me all the projects that are late and which Phase is the most late, and I am on it. Sure, you can get Project Server, but now that competes with other project management tools like Monday, Tasks in Planner, Jira, etc.)

All super powerful tools, but for individual projects, just not for the enterprise. IMHO. :wink:

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Access is fine for groups if you’re using it as a low cost ETL from something else and not as a source itself that people manually enter data into. I 100% agree that Project in a group setting creates multiple truths and no accountability and sometimes I think that’s half the reason why people keep asking me for it.

To the original topic, I audibly groaned at the idea of needing C# in an Excel workbook. Like, people were looking at me and asking what was wrong.

Is it wrong that it excites me?

Do I need it? No.

Do I want it?
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I already did it over Thanksgiving break.

And then I accidently hit the f#c$!$g Delete button on my BAQ and cried.

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I’ll do it again, when work slows down.

I think it’d be fine if they kept a signature of the code and disabled the check, but if the
code is changed, not notifying is kinda sketchy.

For me, the sketchy part of this is the same issue with VBA: the macro language runs outside a sandbox and has access to local machine resources. Is C# better than VBA?

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Is it safer?

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The future of Excel scripting appears to be Office Scripts. These JavaScript-based scripts run in a sandbox and do not have access to local resources. Because of this, it is possible to run scripts in Power Automate and not have a running system on your local network. Also, the scripts will run in the web versions of Excel.

I see your point.

They key with powerful tools like this, is education. Which of course is probably lacking.
It certainly has a use case, but people need to understand the pitfalls before blindly jumping
in and using it everywhere.

Everyone needs a @Mark_Wonsil :rofl:

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is that him back there?

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