QUESTION about Carbon Tracking - sustainability

:question: QUESTION for all of you…
a while back, @Jasim posted a question about Carbon tracking ( but it received no answers…

I am going to ask this again, only from a different perspective.

  1. does anyone out there have any initiatives around Carbon tracking, Sustainability, carbon nuetral initiatives, etc.
  2. have you heard of GHG initiatives (Green House Gas :green_circle: :house: :fuelpump: ) that are being implemented in Europe :eu: requiring tracking and reporting using GHG accounting?

We (safe harbor statement :safe_harbor:) want to know if this is important, and if so, how important?

(Please… no political dumpster fires :dumpster_fire: here… this is a true and honest question).


Hi Tim,
yes, we have started to do calculations for this, as it is becoming increasingly important to be on track with this kind of things. We do not use Epicor for this, as our GHG emissions are more on Scope 2 and 3.


Hi Tim,

We are working on this at the moment. We are looking to calculate and report the embodied carbon value on all our products.

To date we are updating our parts data using the ICE Database to get an embodied carbon value for each component / part. This is no small undertaking!

In line with this, I have written a function which examines the BOM for each job and calculates the weight and embodied carbon value for each component material and ultimately produces a weight and carbon value for the final manufactured product.

We also have various carbon values for different ship via entries in the database and I have integrated the google maps API to calculate shipping distance and subsequently derive a carbon value for shipments. This is a pretty blunt instrument at the moment and needs further work but it meets our needs for now.


Yes, currently we have added a UD field on the PO, so that if a person buy LPG and other fuel products, they have to set that field so that we can track how much of those products that we are using. It is one of the initiative for business to look after the “Planet”