QuoteMtl in Quote Entry Customization

Hi all. So I was going to do a simple customization in Quote Entry. I have a BPM which records when a new quotemtl is added by writing today’s date to QuoteMtl.Date01. No problem. So then I went to customize the Quote Material view to add this field but QuoteMtl is not available, all of the fields are bound to JobMtl??? How do I add a UD field from QuoteMtl?


You should be able to find and add your UD field from the JobMtl table. There is some sort of relationship in Epicor between QuoteMtl and JobMtl for this screen that I cannot explain. I ran into this same problem a few years ago and adding the field from JobMtl was the answer.

You should use JobMtl Data view.

JobMtl is a Data View and not the Actual Table.

Thanks. I don’t know how that would work since there is no job created yet for the quote…

Well that is awfully confusing.So what table to to write the date to?

Still write the date to QuoteMtl.

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In order to save this only on QuoteMtl, use JobMtl as Standard Epicor.

When you save the record, data will be saved to QuoteMtl Table.

Do you want to transfer the date to JobMtl (When job later will be created from Quote). If Not, You don’t need something

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As @SteliosZoumis stated, JobMtl view in quote is the QuoteMtl table

It is just the name they chose to give it, but it is the QuoteMtl table

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Way to make it confusing Epicor. I’m all set. Thanks everyone. Greatly appreciated!