Received not Invoiced doesn't match GL

The report “Received not Invoiced” has always matched the AP clearing account. But over the last few months, it has been off significantly - the report being higher than the GL Account. I believe this started about the time we upgraded from 10.1.400 to 10.1.600.

Is anybody else having this problem?

We are on 10.1.500 and our Accounting department reports the same. And it’s growing.

I will be focused on this hard today hoping to find the culprit. But FYI - make sure they are using the correct start and end dates and check the “Print Parameters” option.

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I believe they are. They also have the fix from Epicor to remove lines that should not be on the report (those where the invoice is paid before the items are received).

We have differences above and beyond those.

One type of transaction that i know of that could create variance between the report and GL is a DMR-REJ transaction with credit memo.

What costing system are you using? If using standard costing, then if the Credit memo cost (PO cost) is different than the standard cost of the part, it could create variances. The DMR-REJ is done using standard costing (or whatever costing method you use). The credit memo from vendor is done using the credit for the actual po cost. if there is a difference between the two price, then it creates a variance between Received not invoiced report and GL acct.

The problem is it is cumulative, so you would have to see what month the variances started happening. I always check the report total to our GL total of the accrual acct to see if they match (of all plants combined). If there is a difference, then Run WIP Recon report for DMR-REJ transactions. Then run Expense Distribution report (Under AP reports) and look for credit memos for those DMRs and see if the unit price is different.

Here is a GL Flow example:

INS-DMR (Wip Reconciliation Report)
Acct# Dr Cr
10-1205-000 \ DMR Inventory– $2,050.00
10-1201-000 \ Inspection Inventory– $2,050.00
DMR-REJ (Wip Reconciliation Report)
Acct# Dr Cr
10-2060-000 \ -AP Trade Accrual (Rcvd not invoiced rpts total) $2,050.00
10-1205-000 \ DMR Inventory– $2,050.00
AP Credit Memo (Expense Distribution Report) Dr Cr
10-2015-000 \ -AP Trade $2,995.00
10-2060-000 \ -AP Trade Accrual (Rcvd not invoiced rpts total) $2,995.00
10-2060-000 AP Trade Accrual
$945.00 variance between GL and Rcvd Not invoiced Rpt
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Do you happen to have a lot of material that was received into inspection and is waiting to be disposition?


Make sure the Supplier has a Payment Method assigned to them. I wonder if that fixes it.

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Which is higher GL or report. In our case, the GL is higher than the report. We have been checking it daily for a month and it has not grown. Did you make any progress.

Make sure that your friendly neighborhood receiving personnel are not deleting receivers that were already posted to the GL. There’s no GL transaction for this but they do drop off of the report.

I’ve taken the step of comparing net change in the GL by supplier to the difference by supplier in the report to narrow it down. It was almost always a case of the receivers being deleted.

Make sure posting process is being run.

In our case we run it once a week.

Actually, we have been running it daily hoping to catch a mismatch and find what caused it. It has been matching for several weeks so we still don’t know the cause. I am actually hoping we get a mismatch so we can solve the mystery.

Thanks for the response.

Interesting… I do know that from time to time this happens, but cannot figure out how to find out which receipt was deleted. How did you know that it was due to a deleted PO Receipt, which receipt and the amount? If it was deleted, where is this information?

Well if you want to compare PO receipts you can check PartTran table and look for the transactions that have to do with receipts, like : PUR-INS, PUR-SUB, PUR-STK, ADJ-PUR (I think this is the one for price variation), could be that they reversed a receipt that was invoiced (which I doubt because of how EPICOR works but anyways).

Once you have that information you can check the table called TranGLC and in the column Related to File filter by PartTran, and in the relationship betweem both of them choose like this TranGLC.Key1 = PartTran.SysDate and TranGLC.Key2 = PartTran.SysTime and TranGLC.Key3 = PartTran.TranNum.

Make sure you select all rows from PartTran to check if you have something that has not been posted.

Hope this helps!

If it’s an inventory item, and all of mine have been so far, I think that you can see it in the Part Transaction History tracker. There’ll be a negative quantity and you’ll see that the date of the transaction is well before the Sysdate. At least it’ll be before the date that you last ran the Capture COS/WIP Activity process.

Sometimes you get lucky and you can ask the receiving people. They may remember doing it.

I have seen situations where the AP person incorrectly enters the Received-Not-Invoiced (RNI) GL account when entering manual invoices or debit memos, and when this happens, it is changing the value of that GL without changing the values from the RNI report.
RNI data is very simple… it adds up the value of all the receipts in the PO Receipts table where the RcvDtl.Invoiced = false.

Check the “timing” of a/p invoice posing period……

I found out that sometime accounting department posting invoices to previous month, but material receiving is done to current month. (specially first few days of each month) thanks

Hi, any solution found for this?