Refresh Material List in New PO Suggestions


I’m doing a customization of the menu New PO Suggestions. I added an action that calls a function and update data in the grid. However, when I call refresh (manually or in my code), it doesn’t actually refresh the ‘Material List’ grid. The only way is to clear and then search and load my data again. Is there any way to refresh the grid without having to clear and ask the user to reload his suggestion lines ?

Thanks !

New po suggestions will not change unless you re-run MRP. Are you expecting something different?

I added UD field to the PO Suggestions and I’m updating these UD Fields when the user choose an action so I would like to refresh the screen when the rows have been updated

That would require a BPM and I am just now learning BPMs. If I figure it out, I’ll let you know, but I am using V9 which is very different than V10 regarding BPMs.

Not sure why it would require a BPM since I want to refresh the data on the client side? As far as I know, the BPM is on the server side so it wouldn’t change anything

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way other than Clear and reload the data with the search options

@Stevensi1018 Do you need the action or any data from the user for the function? I update UD fields in a post post processing bpm on GetRowsPlant so the changed data is already shown.

FYI - we use a Dashboard with PO Suggestions. It has more information than the PO Suggest screen and we have sub-queries that display more information about supply/demand.