How to break New PO suggestions with this one easy trick!

In ERP 10.2.700 we’ve found a record flicker bug that causes weird record flicker behavior when many suggestions are loaded.

I’ve got this 2min screen capture showing how to reproduce it making a simple screen customization from the base form:


Basically when you add a new data view from vendor and then add a new field from that dataview, if you click into the added field the record that gets loaded reverts back to the first in the list. Very strange. Anyone have any idea what might be happening here?

Epicor case: CS0003098024


Just in case anyone is interested, Epicor Support confirmed this is a bug and sent it to their Dev team to review.

Epicor support said they will not fix this.
Unfortunately, Development Rejected Problem Case PRB0250171 for the following Reason:

“The New PO Suggestions forms is a very specialized non standard setup. It does not have a proper parent like Purchase Order entry. The standard rules that are expected for a FK data view will not work properly in this UI. You can test this by making the same customization on the PO Lines \ Detail tab of purchase order entry and you will note it functions as designed. Given the highly specialized nature of this form, I different style of customization to lookup the data would be required - likely needing code.”

For us PO suggestions is used everyday and is quite important for our business. I find the Epicor dev team being afraid of fixing the code to be lame. I guess they don’t see ROI on doing things consistently across all the screens. :slightly_frowning_face:

Man, that’s a pretty lame response from Development. “Our UI tools won’t work because we didn’t follow standard practice, and we won’t bother fixing it.”

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To be fair the smart client is on it’s way out. Investing anything heavy into UI specific issues would not be productive.


I’m with you Joshua.

Still sucks it’s not working.

Is that what the classic client is called: “smart client”? I thought that was Doc-Link’s client name. But it’s good to know terminology.

Is the new Kinetic interface customizable like the “smart client”? How easy is it to do FKVs and display them like in the attached video. I wonder if we can do New PO Suggestions in the new UI. We customize a TON of stuff to streamline and add functionality to make our users more efficient. If “new” UI doesn’t support that then we’re probably going to hold off using those for a loooooong time.

@smason PO suggestions additional information can be done just not a FKV. I have 30 fields of additional info I added to SugPODtl and even color code the suggestions so the buyers know without any research which suggestions are ready to buy and which need more analysis. I load up all of them in a post processing bpm on getrowsplant

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Very easy, but better to be done as a BAQ Data View you can limit the data to exactly what you need and bind on any keys you want. If you are going to insights hit the Kinetic App Studio sessions they go through this. You need to be on 2021.1 at a minimum for good results though. Not sure if your version is current on the site or out of date, but just a heads up, 2021.1 minimum for some stability in App Studio.

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Greg, does this data change as they interact with the screen, for example, modifying the suggestion quantity? Or is it a on load thing and then the extra 30 fields are static?

Also, what version are you on?

@utaylor It is on load. It started as a way to get flow downs onto suggestions for rated orders, split rated and non rated suggestions and over a decade bloomed into a lot offshoots.

I am 10.2.400.15 and will be 21.1.200 after we get back from Insights.

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