Reorder columns in a Kinetic grid?

That doesn’t work if you want to reorder the column layout for everyone.
What Utah described is exactly how you would do that in classic.

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For show/hide columns yes, but for column order it had to be done via Personalization.

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That’s exactly what it does, modify it for everyone.

It changes the order in the customization layer, not the personalization layer.

Maybe it’s broken in 2022.2.7.

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Again–you cannot reorder columns there.
You have to “personalize” the screen with developer mode activated, then go to Tools > Customization and save the customization for the column order to stick for everyone.
What you described is only how you would hide or show columns within that view.

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I’m talking about Kinetic, and was in the quote you posted.

Wait, no I’m confused. Carry on.

It’s what happens when you leave for 2 hours and come back to too many notifications.

I feel your pain.

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I thought it was “Save Layouts” while in developer mode that did this. I don’t think I’ve ever gone back into Customizations to save the order. If you’re not in developer mode, then it saves it as a personalization just for your user.

Maybe I’m wrong. It is Monday.


Honestly… I haven’t changed my flow since Vantage 8.00, so it’s possible, lol.
But, I did forget the Save Layouts part.
I do Activate Developer Mode > Open Form > Drag Column Order Around > Save Layouts > Tools > Customizations > Save Customization > Cry a bit > Tell your users to clear their cache 'cause it might be changed.

That’s what I actually did/do in classic, I was just keeping the chatter down as I already confused everyone.

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Just wanted to update @klincecum and @hmwillett and thank you both for the help. I ended up starting a new layer from scratch and clearing the cache and got the columns to hide and re-order using the personalization option while in application studio.

I have to admit that re-ordering the columns using the personalization menu is terrible AND when you are hiding and unhiding columns it seems (or at least this was happening to me) that you can only hide and unhide one column at a time… No matter what I did, if I searched for a field and hid it or un-hid it, the second field I searched and modified never stuck… only the first field that I changed… So I would open personalization, unhide my field or hide it, save, exit personalization, then open personalization and repeat that same process till all my fields were the way I wanted them.

Either way, thank you both for trying to help me yesterday. Much love.

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^ Did you forget the most important step?!

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I just shut my computer off yesterday instead of crying and then sucked it up and powered through it with a new day’s energy this morning :sweat_smile:

That was only AFTER I made the SAME mistake/discovery as yesterday and hid and unhid and moved around all my columns this morning only to find it didn’t work and that I had to do it one at a time, which, as I said, I already discovered last night… :man_facepalming:

If it wasn’t a new day I don’t know what I would have done.

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We’re finding these to be still true in 2023.1.6 App Studio.

  1. Can change the column order in “Personalize columns” but the only way to save is by making changes to the form like adding a component (e.g. button)
  2. Column width adjustment does not save

Any confirmation appreciated.

2023.2.4 we just went live. I’m struggling with finding the best way to pre-arrange and show/hide collumns in a layer for our users.

I think that the “personalize” in the App Studio layer seems to be the closest option but it is quirky at best, AND I’m currently working with Support as it appears that you run into problems if the user puts their own personalization on top of the app studio personalization. Issue in which the grid loads fully blank and is completely inoperable, and cannot be reset and throws no errors.

If anyone has tips on how they best manage the “default” columns their users see, I’d love to know.