Save Kinetic Column Layouts?

I have tried again and again to resize and rearrange the columns in one of my kinetic dashboards. I use the Personalize Columns button to rearrange the column order. Then I manually resize the columns in the grid so they all fit. Then I click Save Layout. But nothing gets saved. When I close and reopen the dashboard, the columns aren’t in the right order, and they have all reverted back to the original widths.

Has anyone else battled with this? Is there a better approach I should take?


In E9 & E10 you need to arrange/resize columns while Developer Mode is Enabled, the Save Layout.

Could be the same in Kinetic.

Good idea, but I don’t think developer mode does anything in application studio.

You need to merge your personalization with your layer. You can do that in app studio.
After you finish this, go to Menu Maintenance find the form you were working on and add the layer to the customization field.
But this will make everyone else has your personalized layout.

I don’t see where to do this in App Studio. I had already setup my menu with my customized layer.

Check this. It will instruct you.

I followed those steps, and my grid still does not retain the order of the columns or the widths of the columns.

I don’t even see my personalization listed there! Shouldn’t a personalization get saved anytime I click the Save Layout button?

I found the same problem with Custom Dashboards. The don’t save layout like other Kinetic screens. another TODO for the Kinetic UI.


bump Is this still an issue for others? After building a new Kinetic dashboard, personalizations to column order are not saved, even after clicking “Save Layouts” on the grid.

Resizing doesn’t save, but column order and sorting should. Tested in 2022.2.9.