Default Report Style

How can I save the default report style? I have selected the report I want and then chose Save Default but when i open the module backup it returns to the previous selection?

Thanks for any help you can offer


If I remember… V8 doesn’t allow you to save the preferred style per user/personalization.
I believe your onbly option is to set the default style for all users…
via System Mgmt --> Company Maintenance --> Report Style maintenance

Thank you Bruce.

Any idea what do it if when you try to open the Report Maintenance module but it just sits there saying Retrieving Data?? Is there a converstion script that will fix this?


Just wait… it will eventually finish loading.

It was always slow in V8.03.409, became glacial in 8.03.410 e.g. 5 minutes.

Thanks man! I guess i just needed endless patience