Report Style Retrieve Image List Issues

I have noticed an issue when trying to use the Report Style > Companies / Images > Retrieve feature.

The solution worked wonderfully when doing it for the Sales Order Acknowledgement report, but for some reason i cannot retrieve any images when i am trying to do the same thing for the QuotForm Report.

Anyone every encounter this issue? Not seeing any rhyme or reason why this wouldn’t work. I am on version: 10.2.500.18

The Report’s RDL must have a “ReportImages” dataset. Here’s the QuotForm and OrderAck RDL’s, side-by-side:


Just add the dataset to the Quote’s RDL. Copy the properties from the original OrderAck RDL.

Here’s all the tabs of the added ReportImages dataset:


Query Expression:


No changes required in Options, Filters, or Parameters tabs

Copy the image field from the OrderAck RDL form and paste it into the QuotForm RDL.

Now you double click the Images grid (after clicking Retrieve) to setup the image properties.


Brilliant! Thanks for the excellent write up.