REST API 401 Unauthorized Errors

We are having a custom application written for us and they are developing it against our new Kinetic install that is in testing. All of his API v2 calls are returning 401 unauthorized errors. I have created the necessary api key.
I am able to login using Epicor Basic authentication through https://servername/kinetic2023_1/Apps/ERP/Home/ but if I try to access https://servername/kinetic2023_1/api/help/v2/ it prompts me for credentials and won’t accept my Kinetic credentials.
Is there something I missed in the server setup?

What happens when you make a call using Postman?

GET /<YourEpicorInstance>/api/v2/odata/<YourCompany>/Erp.BO.CompanySvc/Companies?api-key=YourAPIKey HTTP/1.1

Postman does return data. I do see an error that says Hostname/IP does not match certificate’s altnames.

Certificate error was when I didn’t include the full domain. Looks like it is running as expected. Thanks Jose.