RMA Disposition Attachments greyed out

When we go to RMA Dispositions and try to add Attachments, it is greyed out.

We are using DocStar and the process for enabling attachments is to go to:
System Mgmt → Document Type Control Maint

From there we select the table where we want to enable the attachments, for example OrderHed. This has worked well for us so far.

But in this case, when I go to Doc Type Control Maint, the drop-down list of tables does not contain the RMADisp table in the list, so there appears to be no way to enable attachments for RMA Dispositions.

This doesn’t seem to make sense, why would Attachments show up in Actions if there is not a way to enable it? What am I missing?

I tried enabling attachments for RMAHead and RMADtl but that made no difference either way for RMA Dispositions.

Update: I thought maybe if I add an attachment to the RMA, then maybe it would show up in RMA Disposition, but no, it is still greyed out in RMA Disposition.

I think a disposition is technically an NCR. Try adding NonConf and see what happens.

Not a bad idea, but unfortunately that didn’t work.

Yeah, it looks like you can’t attach documents to the disposition. I would try adding documents to everything related to a disposition. Part, rev, customer, job, etc. Then see if any of those appear in the screen. It may be that the attachments are for related items and not the disposition. :man_shrugging:t2:

I had a similar idea and I did try adding attachments to the RMA to see if they show up in RMA Dispositions but they do not.

Just seems so odd they would have Actions → Attachments in RMA Disp if its not possible to add any to a disposition…

Well Epicor support has confirmed that the ability to add attachments to RMA Dispositions was never added as a feature. They said likely the developers forgot to remove the attachment icon from that screen, and that the attachment icon does not exist in current versions of Kinetic.