Running MRP for a component in a BOM

For a make to stock business, I have a finished good item with an approved Rev, while entering a forecast for the FG item and then running the MRP, in the time phased inquiry I am able to see Qty to be produced according to the forecast but when I search for the component that’s in the MOM that should be purchased I can’t find any suggested Qty for any of the components.
Is there’s a specific setup for that ?

EX :
FG001 have a 1000 Qty in the forecast and one component in the MOM with Qty/parent= 1
after running MRP, a Job suggestion is created for 1000 Qty
I am not able to see any purchase suggestion for the component which I except to see 1000 qty in PO suggestion.

No, you’ve got the right idea. There are, of course, a hundred things that can go wrong, but that is exactly the right idea.


  1. Look in the job (e.g. Job Status Dashboard) - is the component in the job anywhere?
  2. In Part Maintenance, is the component marked (on the Sites tab) as to skip PO suggestions?

For some reason the Process MRP check box in the planning tab was unchecked.
Thanks for the advice.

Just want to review the sequence for one more time.
Forecast Entry> MPS Entry> MRP
Is there’s any possible way that I can run it through forecast only ?


Do you mean: Forecast Entry> MRP
i.e. no MPS?
As far as I know that creates the parent job and the time phase for the material will list that parent demand?

Yes that’s exactly what I mean Forecast Entry > MRP > Job suggestion.