Sales tax setup

Anyone have good source material, hopefully with examples, on sales tax maintenance hierarchies, especially around how rules on taxing miscellaneous items vary by state?

Those are deep waters you are wading into.

For starters, sales tax isn’t just at the state level.

For example, Pennsylvania has a 6% sales tax (I’ll ignore what is taxed and what isn’t). The city of Philadelphia has its own 2% sales tax. And on top of that, Philly has a Beverage tax too. The Beverage tax is based on the qty of the Item sold. Lets say its $0.015/oz.

So a gallon of soda listing for $2.00 would see $0.12 in PA sales tax, $0.04 in Philly sales tax, and $1.92 in Beverage tax.

Some states have separate tax authorities by even smaller regions. Louisiana has one for each Parish (I think they are like counties).

I seriously suggest looking at something like Avalar’s TaxConnect.

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I would suggest you look into Avalara’s Tax Connect. We use it so we don’t have to keep up with different tax rules. In addition it saves our accounting department hours of manual reporting each month quarter.


I second (and third!) the suggestion to look at a 3rd party sales tax integrated application like Avalara or Vertex. There are so many sales tax rules and rates, and they change frequently - keeping up is very difficult for anyone but a very local company. As just one example, Washington state had 383 different taxing jurisdictions the last time I checked.

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We are currently running Epicor 9.05.605, and are planning to upgrade to E10(ETA 2019). In the meantime with the Wayfair decision we need to start collecting sales tax by state soon. We are in talks with Avalara, but I thought Tax Connect only worked with E10. Is anyone using Avalara Tax Connect with Epicor version 9 successfully?

I was also interested to see what other options we have. It looks like Vertex(Sales and Use Tax) offers an alternative product. Is anyone using this product or another third party product to calculate state sales tax and is happy with the product?


We used Avalara with Vista 8.

Edit and now use with E10.1.400

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We used Avalara for tax when we were running 9.05.702, we are now on

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