Is there anything that can be done to improve the built in search functions in Epicor?
As an example, if a customer enquires about a specific size of box, we would like to be able to see the closest sizes we have in stock.
We have a few BAQ searches set up that are fine for what we use them for, but I’m not sure how useful they are for this kind of situation.

If you are wanting it in a dashboard, I’ve just built one using 6 baq’s that you can search by partial match of either part number or part description and it shows qty in stock by warehouse, it also show SO, Job, TF and future Job demand and shows of you have any on order…

I’ll see if I can export it if you are interested

And just curious, boxes are items, not units of measure?
e.g. wooden box, 6" long x 4" wide x 2" deep

I’d definitely like to have a look through that dashboard if you’re able to export it, that sounds really useful!

Yes exactly - the box from my example would be a specific part with set dimensions.

Do you already have a way to list boxes - e.g. by part class, group, etc…?
and can you identify/break out a range of sizes - e.g. some code or only indicated in the parts description?

We have part attributes filled in and have a quick search that let you search by the length, width, height, OD, ID, etc and will show the availalble inventory based on your inputs.

I typically recommend that people create a new Quicksearch, and make the quicksearch the default search, which would replace the normal base default. This way, you can have a search work any way that you want, and can include your custom UD Fields in your search. It is easier to create a quicksearch than to create a customization to the existing search.

So are you saying its possible to customize the out of the box search window if a quick search wasn’t enough? :slight_smile: :no_mouth:

asking for a friend.

you can customize it if you have the software development kit… you can also add on a BPM that will pop up a BPM Form, and do some different filtering. but this is more difficult than a Quicksearch. Note that we have offered Quicksearch, Dashboard search, BAQ Search, Zone search and base search, plus BPMs that can modify the search results. I have not found anything that we cannot do with one of these.

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Maybe, you mean use function “Like” same in SQL for find similar result.
you can use Quick Search and Use BAQ for built it.

  1. This Equal Result

  2. This “Like” Result

  3. This to Access the Editor Quick Search

I hope, it will help you

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I would agree - creating a quick search which looks at the attributes of the part.