Security Issue

Has anyone run into this issue where some individuals are getting the following error:

Menu ID JCRP4004 is not valid for the current user.

Others can get to it fine. We went and check their security and they got the same security since they’re all in the same group. However, one person can get in while another can’t. Also strange that a bunch of programs are having similar issues with the above menu ID error message.

Are the ones who can get in Security Managers?

Make sure that the menu item doesn’t have “Security Managers Only” checked. Also make sure that there aren’t any users or groups listed under the “Disallow Access” tab in Menu Maintenance > Security.

Turns out there are dependencies in some of those trackers. Seems like the user also need to have access to those other menu items or they can’t get in.

I looked at one of the error with “Part Tracker” and found out that the user needs access to Manufacturer Cross Reference and Qualified Manufacturer. So that explains why some people can get to it while others can’t.