Separating burden between fixed and variable

Is there an option in Epicor to separate burden between fixed and variable?

Not that I know of. Burden rate can be different for each resource group, but not broken out by cost type. One rate per resource or resource group.

I am assuming from the question that your costing model is partial. Can you say more about the requirement to break out fixed from variable burden?

You could have two scheduling resources on a method. Say a person and machine. The machine carries a fixed burden rate. The person carries both a labor rate and variable burden rate.

But I suspect that both burden rates will end up in the same account.


the “Applied To” burden account in WIP will be the same for both. I can’t remember if there is a separation allowed in the “Applied” (Applied from, or CREDIT account) by department code.
in either case, it may be possible to create a posting rule to segregate into GL accounts… but the WIP report would still show them bundled.