Serial Number Masking Change

We have a weird situation where a vendor has changed the serial number format from five digits to six. We are now in a situation where we are trying to receive an order of this one part where some contain the old serial number format with five digits and some with the new six digits.

We have Serial Number Masking setup on the part, and we do already have some parts in inventory.

Is there a way to accommodate the two formats without setting up a new part? I figure it’s a long shot but any help would be much appreciated!

Best option would be to create a new part.

You may try the below option as well, but not recommended.

  • Entering serial number manually instead of auto-generation.
  • Change serial number format to “Alphanumeric”

Thank you. We actually tested and found in our test environment that we were able to adjust out the inventory and create a new serial mask to include six digits and then bring the five digit inventory back in. Then we were able to receive the six digit units (but not any five digit ones).

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