Shipped not Invoiced Report - Pending Order Completion

Hello there!
I have an issues with a few shipments not being picked up for invoicing. I see that all pack slips in question appear in the “Pending Order Completion” tab when browsing pack slips available for invoicing. When I check the individual sales orders I don’t see anything off, there is no check mark for invoice when order complete. What other reasons are there transactions are stuck in this report “Shipped Not Invoiced”?
Thanks so much in advance!

Apply date on invoice group is less than ship date on the packing slip or order is marked as ship order complete could be a possible reason

There is no invoice group as they don’t pull into the invoice batch. Maybe I should just ask to “unship” and ship again to see if they pull through?

@Colorad Are any of the pack outs for multiple orders? In the EpicCare KBs there is a mention of having one sales order with invoice when complete and it stopped the entire pack from being able to invoice.

Thanks for the suggestion! Yes, one of them has multiple orders on one pack ID, but we have checked them all and none of them were marked as “invoice when complete”.
Also, we have tried to unship and ship again and this didn’t resolve it either.