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Does anyone know what this second line item is in the image below? That is from my most recent Epicor Invoice, and I can’t figure out exactly what the “Embedded MTC” charge is for in the SQL Licensing.

I would ask here:

Are you multi-company?

I’d ask your Epicor CAM. It’s something Epicor specific I think. Because it doesn’t mean anything in terms of SQL licensing to me.

@jkane - We are multi-company, yes.

@aosemwengie1 - I just got access to EpicCare a little while ago and will be going through there today to see if I can get a breakdown on this.

That would be my guess. MulTi Company

That makes sense.

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We had a similar line item that was just canceled along with some other unused modules. They most certainly would sell you SQL licensing, so double check it is being used or ask the CAM to cancel otherwise.

You must provide advanced notice of cancellation before your yearly contract renewal.

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