Time and Expense License



When reviewing our license detail in the Epicor Admin Console, I see there is something called “Time and Expense” on the Serial Number tab.
See screenshot: http://www.screencast.com/t/W8ImbewFUIle

Apparently, we have 5 of them.
I’m reaching out to my CAM as well, but I was wondering if anyone was familiar with this license type. I hadn’t heard of it before.
How does it work? Is it cheaper than a full license?

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You should probably hear it from your CAM, but from my experience when a module is purchased, they normally put on the documentation how many users they expect that you’ll use. For example, if your core license is 5, it’ll say 5 on all modules. However, as I understand it, this has no bearing on how many users can use that module; it’s arbitrary.

Thanks Jim.

I did reach out to my CAM and I’m waiting to hear back.
I do understand how the count works, as you’ve described, but I had not heard of the Time and Expense License and I don’t see any way to assign one to a user.

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Hi Joe,
Did you find out how to allocate the time and Expense Licence to a User