SSRS Breaking/Routing

I need to have the POForm (the report that renders a PO) emailed out, but under a set of specific circumstances, and with dynamic info driving the email

The documentation for SSRS Breaking/Routing looks like the way to go. But it is disabled in Report Style Maint.

Is this only part of some extra module (APM?) ??
Or is there some setup elsewhere that needs to be done in order to add a Breaking/Routing to a style?

FWIW - We use some old Crystal Reports, so the Allowed Report Style in Company Maint is “Crystal and SSRS”.

Here’s the rest of the Company Maint tab settings related to printing

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There is a license needed for Print Routing and Breeaking. we implemented this after using APM for a while, found it simplier after upgrading to E10. It is simple to use and maintain.

Terry Ellis and I are presenting at Insights on Print Routing and Breaking on Wednesday afternoon.

Bryan DeRuvo

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Yes, you need to have the Advanced Print Management (APM) module in order
to use report routing & breaking.


Norman Hutchins
System Administrator
Howell Laboratories, Inc.

So APM is a third party “add-on”? And SSRS Breaking/Routing is feature purchased from Epicor?

How fexible is “SSRS Breaking/Routing”? I need to email things like OrderAck, POForm, Packer, etc… But dynamically build the email components (To:, Subject:, body, etc…), and then attach the PDF rendered report

I currently do it with a Data Directive (triggered by a checkbox on the UI form), and then build the email from scratch (in an Execute Custom Code block). This works, but I can’t attach the actual rendered SSRS report, so I build the report into the body of the email in HTML.

Works well, but is a pain to build and maintain, because of all the HTML.


We use BPM emails with data fields also, this is much simpler to setup. The fields you have included in your Report Data Definition are available to be added in the routing rules. We had to add a few table to Report Definitions to get exactly what we needed. UD fields can be added as well.

I attached two screenshots of the email editor, let me know if they don’t come through. I will say that you cannot add logos, the emails are text only right now. Fortunately most email clients interpret hyperlinks so email address and tracking links are clickable.

Bryan DeRuvo

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Thanks Bryan.

Just so I’m clear - your method requires the APM module, correct?

Looks pretty close to what I want.

In addition to setting up the email fields (To: Body, etc …), it attaches a rendered PDF of the Report Style to the email?



We so not using APM any more. We only use Print Routing to email the ssrs report attached as PDF with the the data fields embedded.

Its great not using OCR to read the docs anymore through APM. APM certainly has other features to consider if you need them.

Bryan DeRuvo

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I think I’m not quite following.

You use a Data Directive or Method Directive?

If Method Directive, is it on ERP.Order, or the ICE.Report ? Or something entirely different?

My “Email Template” window doesn’t have an “Attachment Name” field. Perhaps that exists for you because you have APM - even though you don’t use it in Report Styles.

Sorry calvin, let me start over.

The ADvanced Print Routing (routing and breaking), gets attached to a report style.

To add the routing functions, everything is done within the routing editor. There are no other tools used. No bpm’s, no APM.
Its easy to overthink this as I did before a demo, basically its non technical. No coding is required, no coding options available.

Create a routing workflow with a break, some conditions, and actions. Similar to the bpm screens, however with different actions.

We typically use two actions, send email and print preview.

All of the data used in the report data definition is available within the routing editor. (As long ad the tables are related in the report data defition). Fields used for conditions, breaks, or the email must be in the report data definition.

The email editor allows you to add fields from the report data definition into the email. Emails are text only.

This all seems a little too easy becuase it is. After I got the license key I had the sales order acknowledgement email configured in about 10 mins. The first draft anyway.

I stopped using APM after I saw this. Jose Gomez and I were discussing APM and he showed me print routing. So simple, I love it.

We also schedule SSRS reports to be emailed using this and the default methods of scheduling a report to run.

I have all of this in my presentation for insights, I will share when we finalize the powerpoint.

Bryan DeRuvo

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Are “Advanced Printing” and “Advanced Print Management” (aka APM) two different things?

I was assuming Breaking/Routing was part of APM. (especially since Norman said it was).

So what license should I ask my Epicor rep to quote?

Looking at the License properties in the Admin Consol (on the App Server) I see

But nothing called “Advanced Print Management”.

Thanks for all your help

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Advanced Print Management is a 3rd party application outside of Epicor.

Bryan DeRuvo

Ask your CAM for advanced print routing

Bryan DeRuvo