SSRS report text visibility based on company value

I have a text field on the footer of an SSRS report.
It only appears for one company, but I need to modify it to appear for 2 companies. I am having no luck with getting it to work.

Current expression for Visibility
=IIF(Globals!OverallTotalPages=Globals!OverallPageNumber,False,True) OR First(Fields!Company.Value, “ARForm”) <> “ABC”

The message will appear for Company “ABC”, how do I modify the expression so that also appears for company “XYZ”?

I worked it out:

=IIF(Globals!OverallTotalPages=Globals!OverallPageNumber,False,True) OR IIF((First(Fields!Company.Value, “ARForm”) = "ABC) OR (First(Fields!Company.Value, “ARForm”) = “XYZ”),False, True)