Stupid annoying glitches

In Kinetic job entry when adding materials, you tab over from the part number to the description and it kicks you out of the box…every time.

Sometimes when you are building parts in the part master when you tab over from part number to description it gives you that stupid error message that “description is required” - like that’s what I was tabbing over to do bro…

When will Epicor fix this? It’s super annoying and make the software experience just suck. Seems simple enough to fix, no? Do they not care? I am sure they’re aware of it?

Did you report it to support? I wouldn’t assume they are aware of it. If they are they should be able to tell you when it will be fixed.


@timshuwy , do you know if there is a Problem for this or when it might be fixed?

This problem seems to be fixed in 2023.1…

  1. we rearranged the grid so that the description is moved to the right. This way you dont have to go to it, unless you need to change it.
  2. when I entered a part on the fly, it (obviously) left the description blank… I entered the qty data, and tabbed to the description and filled it in.
  3. when i entered a regular part… after pressing tab (auto skipping the Attribute set), the qty field was next, but in the mean time, the description populated.

I have 2022.11… doesn’t it upgrade on it’s own? How do I get updates?

I’ve tried resorting to classic, that is absolutely unusable - how anyone can tolerate having to use classic is absolutely mind boggling. This isn’t 1992.

if you are in the cloud, 2023.1 should be available in your PILOT account.

We are cloud. So 2023 isn’t available in production then? I guess my problem isn’t resolved lol.

No, but it is in Pilot if you want to test it out and confirm it is fixed.

I do appreciate your help, I don’t want to sound abrasive but since Epicor is on this thread - shouldn’t Epicor verify that it’s fixed before releasing?? We have 2 people here using Epicor. I did not sign up to be their RnD

It unacceptable to me they deliver product that is faulty, take a year to fix, then want you to confirm it for them? I’ve never heard of this, it’s pretty piss poor business practice IMO