Substitute material on a running job

Often, when we are actively running a job, we find that the raw material is defective. We need to stop the job, remove the defective material, and use another material. My operators will not have access to job entry. Issue misc material does not apply yo a specific job. Does anyone have a workaround?

How are you issuing materials now? Manually, Backflush, or mass issue?

Is this a totally different part number for the raw material? Or the same part number with lot number issues?

manual, different p/n

Like we talked about on the other thread. If you are manually issuing you can put in whatever part number you want when you are manually issuing.

About your question about someone doing it for you, if you are interested in learning, there are a bunch of people here like me, @ckrusen and others that will help you walk through so you can learn how to do this stuff, if you are interested.

For outside help, are you already working with a consultant on your implementation? I don’t have anyone to recommend, although I’m sure some consultants on the board would be happy to help. But if you have someone you are already working with, they should be able to do something like this for you.

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Here’s a BAQ that lets the user enter a Job Num and displays all Part Trans. It also indicates when the material issued was not what the job specified

z-JobPartSub.baq (17.5 KB)

Here’s a screen shot. The highlighted line shows a material substitution. Assy 0, Mtl 1001 had 5 EA of AN-0009 issued, when the job calls for AN-0004.

Edit: here’s the screen shot:

Thank you so much - you went above and beyond.

FYI - I threw that together real quick - just to show you what can be done - so it might not cover everything. I didn’t consider multi-level jobs, although I think they’d show up as different Assy#'s

Also, that’s just a BAQ. You’d want to make a dashboard for the users to use. There are threads on here for how to add that dashboard to a screen (like job closing), and link it to the job number on the Job Closing screen (so users don’t have to enter it manually)