System Monitor randomly pops up for some users

Hello All. Two of my users have recently complained to me that the system monitor, which my users NEVER interact with, simply pops up from time to time. There is no displayed report or any other scheduled (or unscheduled) action, the screen just randomly appears. The users simply “x” the program out and continue to work.

I’ve asked if the users had previously requested a print preview that didn’t appear, or performed some other activity that appeared to get “stuck”. All answers were in the negative.

After reviewing a few posts here, I was able to see that there are options to enable popups, for specific conditions, but those options are not set for any of my users.

Has anyone seen or heard of this? I don’t know where to even begin to look.

What home page are your users using? I am using the Active Home page and have experienced this however none of our users on the modern shell or Classic Style have ever reported this. That being said I have not found a cause or cure for this.

Thanks for the response Ron. I had not considered the UI, but indeed, the 2 users ARE using Active Home Page (or in my version, Kinetic Home Page). Very odd!

And as in your case, none of my users on the classic shell have reported this.
I thought I’d reach out here before troubling the good folks at Epicor Tech Support, but I may have to reach out.

Are your users still experiencing this? Have you chosen to just ignore (it doesn’t hurt anything)?

I am the only one using the Active home page and for now I have just ignored it. Guess I was hoping it’s fixed in Kinetic 2021. We plan on upgrading soon. It would be interesting to hear if anyone has this happening in Kinetic.

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I’m in the process of setting up a “war room”, much as we did when we launched E9, to prep for migration to 2021. However, the sort of problem I’m discussing here, isn’t something that’s repeatable; it truly happens randomly.
I’ll see if anyone with a solution weighs in, otherwise, I guess I’ll pass it along to tech support.

I’ve noticed it (10.2.700) in the past. It seems to be when a network communication issue happens, or when the application itself seems to hang for a period. It would always pop up.

I don’t recall if I’ve noticed it since the upgrade this past weekend.

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Has anyone made any progress with this issue? I am experiencing the same thing.
Our version is Kinetic Version 2021.1 (11.1.100) and I am using the Active Home Page.