Task Agent - Restart not working

Our reports are going directly to the Scheduled Tasks in a test environment. Usually we restart the task agent to get it up and re-running again but this time it is not working. We have ran the kill_app command and even tried restarting the appserver but it is still not restarting. Is it possible a hung PID is preventing it from restarting properly even though it’s been restarted? Anything else that can be done to restart the task agent?

Is your System Management -> Utilities -> System Agent configured to the right port?

Has the task agent been working and now it has stopped all of a sudden? There could be a number of reasons why the task agent service won’t kick back off. I typically perform an IISRESET rather than just a recycle of the app pool if the service does not execute tasks after showing as running. If it has never worked, or someone may have changed the agent password or the web.config, then it could be an installation or configuration issue.

I tried doing an IISReset but it still did not work. In the System Agent, it looks like the URL is still pointing to our Production task agent instead of the local host. Is this possible to have our Clone test environment still pointing to the Production task agent server? Does this require restarting the Production task agent also? I wasn’t aware you could run a test and prod task agent on the same server.

In system agent, I did not see a ‘Status’ with a Connection ID which could be the issue. Where does the Connection ID come from?

I updated both the Task appserver and System appserver URL’s to the localhost with the correct port. It is showing a Connection ID string with the correct restart date and time but the task are still not processing in the scheduled tasks. Anything else to check?

Looks like pointing the Task agent appserver to the localhost resolved the issue. Just needed some time for the cancelled tasks to clear through before it started processing again. Thanks.