Task Agent Running But Tasks Say 'Immediate Run Request' 9.05.700

Very odd situation here with a client that are not active on their Epicor Support (due to cost cutting measures):
Early yesterday afternoon Reports and Tasks just stopped.
Test DB still works fine.
Corrective Actions Attempted:
-Restart Task Agent AppServer (AppServer Status = Active)
-Restart Entire Server
-Confirmed the System Agent Port matches the Task Agent AppServer Port

I tried pulling up the Progress Admin Console URL but it doesn’t load, may not be installed?
Been looking at this post for help, but not finding a solution:

Anyone have any ideas?

A bit more information, I checked the Task Agent Log files and there are not any errors.
They did recently update the Admin password, but back in Progress I didn’t think that was needed anywhere.
All services look like they are running under local system

I’ll bet you this is key. If they can change it back temporarily to test I bet it will work. E9 has been a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…but I found this, does #3 help at all?


Thanks Heather, I’m afraid that’s not the issue.
The password they changed was the server admin password, the Epicor managers password has not changed. But I did have them re-enter the password to be sure.
Their printing is still down.