Toolbar Icons Broom Vs Eraser

Does anyone have the story behind the toolbar icon switch from Eraser to Broom?
When did it come into being?

Does anyone know if it is standard deployment that LIVE has a broom and Test/Train/Pilot have an eraser?


No idea, but I know I’ve men asked many times what the eraser icon is, as it’s not very clear.
It might be a difference between the themes that are applied, it seems like some themes have different icons.

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My challenge is that the BROOM icon is preferred - but NOT in any of the color coded theme sets.
I see it in the WHITE and BLACK default icon sets - but then all the icons are white or black
and besides looking rather “1980’s OS2 ish” - they are much harder to distinguish one from another.

Hoping someone has a colored icon set with the broom in it … or can share notes on how to add the one in