"Transaction Type PO Release was not found" When making a PO

Got the error “Transaction Type PO Release was not found” when creating a PO (Buy for: Other).

seems like its a probably another setting somewhere (Company Config, GL Trans mapping?)

Any hints or clues to where to look would be greatly appreciated.

BTW - A PO works just fine for line types Buy for: Inventory.


Below is what I used for PO Release or are you getting this on PODetail. Attached is the PO Combined csv from the DMT labs and Templates.



PO Combined.csv (855 Bytes)

You are missing a GL Account for expense/other in your GL Control for AP
most likely. Your GL Control Code on your company config for
Inventory/COS/WIP is fine which is why you can create a PO line for

You can also check your revisions on your posting rules (GL Transaction
types) to make sure you have an active GL Transaction revision for your PO
Posting rules

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