Transfer Order: Unavailable

I have an issue with a Transfer Order. I have a part that shows demand due to a Transfer Order request being open but it says the Transfer Order is unavailable. See below:


I would appreciate any help to resolve this issue.


Hi Jonathan,
We use transfer orders frequently. We’re on V10.1.600.20. I’ve never seen this “unavailable”. I just went through some of our open transfer line and none looked like this. One thing we used to have problems with however, was when someone chose a different site to pull the material from on the job, vs allowing the system to use transfer orders / normal inventory movements, to place demand for the part.

Any chance you have something funky setup on the job material fields highlighted below for your 956340 job?

Normal looking timephase for one of our parts that gets normally transferred:

HTH, Nancy

Thank you for your reply Nancy,

No, we don’t have a Make Direct from Site. We did patch to 10.1.600.23 and this is the first time we’ve seen this with Transfer Orders as well. My first thought was that the TO was deleted, but I can’t find a deletion of the TO.

I’ll turn this over to Epicor. I was just hoping someone has seen this and I could apply an easy and fast fix rather then wait on Epicor. Oh well… LOL

Hi Jonathan,

Here we are over a year later and guess what we have…an “unavailable” transfer order. :frowning:Did you ever figure out what was up with it when you had it?

None of my jobs have this 5/26/2019 dates either. I do see in change log that once the part was due to be make direct from a different site, which does not work well for us. I wonder if that made it get stuck with this status…

Thank you!

What does the Part Tran History show for that part - particularly around 5/26.

While, I’ve not seen the “Transfer Order: Unavailable”, we have had issues with items sent from one site to another - without a transfer order - and then used to fulfill an order. So the demand at site B disappears (due to the shipment), even though inventory has no gone negative at site B (because the TO Rcpt never happened).

Hi Calvin,

I don’t have any transactions on the OH part number at all. This is extra strange since the part was created back in 2018. Looong lead…