Transfer Order: Unavailable

This message has shown up for a few parts (possibly many) in Time Phase today and I’m not having much luck finding a cause nor a cure. There is an old post (2018) with @Jonathan_Lang and @Nancy_Hoyt but no resolution :frowning:

I looked at PartDtl and there are indeed records which show a quantity but no Job, SO, PO or TF number. I tried running MRP for one of the affected parts, but it did clear anything up.

Hi Brent,

I took a look back at my notes. We have not seen this frequently at all. In my notes I suspected that we had a check on Make Direct in a job material for a transfer part coming up from another plant and then MRP suggest transfer and someone unchecked make direct and the transfer suggestion was in limbo. Make direct from another plant has caused us problems in accounting and so our normal job setup requiring a mfrd part from another plant is make it to stock then do transfer order, then receive to stock and issue to job. Is it possible that someone checked make direct to pull a Mfrd part from another plant?


We do not do a lot of jobs (mostly kitting) and I reviewed a few of the affected parts and none of them would have been impacted by this.

Since posting, I’ve confirmed that other companies in our DB are also affected so we’ve opened a ticket with EMS.

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Update: EMS provided a pure SQL fix, which we ran and it corrected all parts. The issue has something to do with the SysRowID in the PartDtl table.