Updatable BAQ not working E9

I have an updatable BAQ for PArtPlant.BuyerId. When I update a row, I get this message:

Query update fulfilled and reported no error.

But when I getlist, it has not updated. any ideas?

What does your update tab look like? Can you send a screen shot?

  1. You’ll need to include tables Part and PartPlant.
  2. Display key fields for both tables and fields to update:
    Part: Company, PartNum
    PartPlant: Company, Plant, PartNum, BuyerID
  3. In Update > General Properties select the field to update, i.e. BuyerID.
  4. In Update > Update Processing select Business Object, Part.
  5. In tables to update it should automatically check ttPart and ttPartPlant.
  6. Test it out and see if the record gets updated.

I did this and still no luck. Please see my reply with screen shots to the other response.

Hi Randy,

I have seen similar behavior at times where system doesn’t tell you it had a problem with update and it doesn’t to the update and you discover this via get list again. I can’t say when it does happen vs not… a bit buggy really.
However, I do have an updateable query on the part / part plant data similar to you. I do have it working for buyer edits too. See below fields from my query. I’m on 10.1.600.20. I do not have updating on any of the part records at same time, just partplant.

One other thought, I wonder if looking at the code for BASE processing on update via BPM directives configuration might lead to some insight…


I’ve tested this on my E9 environment and was able to update PartPlant.BuyerID. Can you export out your BAQ and attach it. In the BAQ Designer > Actions > Export BAQ.

I got it working. Not sure which change fixed it, but I think it was the Base Processing. Thank you!

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