Updateable Combo in BAQ Dashboard

I have just started learning how use updateable BAQ’s, and I am stumped on this one.

This BAQ is a “Outsourcing List”. This just displays items that we are planning to subcontract in the day. It is using the UD03 table to store the data. The idea is that a job, assembly, and operation are added to the list for everyone in our shop to know what is going out.

What I want is for the scheduler to be able to update the operation that is being outsourced. I can do this with a manual entry field, but I would prefer to have a combo box. Ideally, I want this combo box to be filtered by the selected record in the outsource list. It would then only display The Opr seq for that specific job that are subcontract.

I currently have the settings on the field storing the operation as this:

However, this shows every operation seq for every job, I want it filtered to ONLY show the oper seq for the current job. Any ideas?

Sorry, no solution to this but I thought I would update what I tried, as I found what you are trying to do interesting.
I tried to use various BAQ markups ([EpiBinding:JobNum], [LIKE:JobNum], [CURRENT:JobNumber]) to do this, but it didn’t work, but perhaps I did it wrong, perhaps someone else knows how to do this with BAQ markups or be able to confirm if it’s even possible. I did try different ways of referencing the value with the BAQ Markup (ttResults.JobOper_JobNum, JobOper_JobNum, etc).
If nothing else, I thought I’d give BAQ Markups a plug.
If you don’t know about BAQ Markups, just search Epicor Application Help for BAQ Markups.

Rick, in our 10.1.600 system that phrase returns no results. When I search for the word ‘markups’ alone, I get 18 results but none of them are about BAQs. Is this a new feature in 10.2?


My mistake, the search term is ‘BAQ Markup’, without an ‘s.’
I was never very good at grammar. There are also several other related workshop articles on using them. It’s located under Business Activity Queries > Working with Business Activity Queries:

Interesting feature; thanks Rick!

I’m pretty sure that I used that back in E9 days - it’s not new, just not much used!

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And yes, it is there in E9 but I never knew the feature by that name. When I read the phrase, I thought a new feature was installed in the BAQ designer to allow me to type some notes or documentation to remind myself or other tech staff later, of design aspects of the query. Maybe in version 12 (sigh)…