Updated Tracker not displaying in "Open With"

I created a customized PO Tracker and updated Menu Maintenance to use this customization. However, when in PO Entry, and you right click to “open with” PO Tracker, the original PO tracker opens (not the newly updated customized one).

Where do I go to make this “open with” grab the customized tracker?


Try to go into System management | Utilities | Context Menu Maintenance and
search for your menu from there and add what you need.

I think that should work.


Thanks. I see the context menu for POHeader.PONum, then the menu item for PO Tracker. However, I don’t see the area where I can force this choice to open my customized PO Tracker instead of the default PO Tracker.



Got it! I needed to go to ‘customization maintenance’ to find the actual process ID for my customization. Once found, I updated the context menu maintenance and it worked!

Thank you.

Because some of the common screens are in multiple menu locations, there is
a primary menu item that is called out for the context items.

Turn developer mode on to find the primary process call when you do the
right click open with you will get a message box that calls out the menu
location being summoned.

Or you can chase the menu tree as you may want all the PO tracker screens
to show the customization anyway.

My guess is that the primary menu location does not have the customization
set on that menu maintenance item.

If this is not the case the the context maintenance will need to be used.


Once I find the “primary process call”, where do I go to force that call to use the customization across the board?

Go to menu maintenance and find the menu item called out.

Add the customization there.


I am sure someone has a cleaner SQL option but this is what I use to track down Menu items and what customization is tied to it etc. As already stated If you are in developer mode and catch the MenuID when you right click you can see the ID you need to apply the customization to. I added a few comments to help out but if you have questions let me know.

,m1.MenuDesc as m1_Desc
,m2.MenuDesc as m2_Desc
,m3.MenuDesc as m3_Desc
,m4.MenuDesc as m4_Desc
,m3.Arguments /* same as WHERE selection /
,m3.MenuID /
same as WHERE selection /
FROM menu m
left join menu m1 on m1.ParentMenuID = m.MenuID
left join menu m2 on m2.ParentMenuID = m1.MenuID
left join menu m3 on m3.ParentMenuID = m2.MenuID
left join menu m4 on m4.ParentMenuID = m3.MenuID
Use this to find MenuDesc if you know full MenuDesc name /
You can switch between m1-m4 to search the different levels, /
WHERE m3.MenuDesc = ‘Purchase Order Tracker’
Uncomment this out if look for specific customization /
–AND m3.Arguments = ‘Customizations Name’
Use this to find by MenuDesc if you dont know full MenuDesc name /
You can switch between m1-m4 to search the different levels */
– WHERE m.ParentMenuID = ‘’ and m4.MenuDesc LIKE ‘%Purchase%’

Would you please explain this further? How do I get this message box? When I have developer mode on and right-click on my tracker I don’t get any message box.


Your commented example is a gem. Thank you for providing such a good, simple tool to use.

Pull up a screen to use the right click on Part Maintenance for example.
Turn on developer mode.
Right click on the part number field and use the open with Part Tracker.
There will be a small box that pops up stating the process call details.
One of these is the menu ID. On my test system 9.05.702a it is SVGO0013.
The developer customization screen will then come up next.

On my test system this part tracker menu item is the one under the
executive analysis-trackers menu tree.



That’s a gem. Thank you Brad.

Okay, I see the Process Key… am I able to go somewhere to update all instances that use this tracker with the customization? (Or do I need to update each of those areas individually through menu maintenance?)

Not that I know of.

I have seen users write a menu tracker baq to find them all.

Or just chase them on the menu.