Updating Sales Order Acknowledgement

I need to add a new field to the canned Sales Order Acknowledgement report, Ship By date. How do I add this? I can’t seem find where I can open this report in Crystal Reports and add the field.

I believe the report is OrderAck and it should be in the reports folder.

I thought so too but it is not located there, from what I can tell.

sorry this isn’t your version… my fault


That’s not it either. It looks like we’re using a custom version, it looks like SOForm, however it has our logo.

Is there a way within Epicor 8 to find the report name?

We are on E10 but used to be on E9. Does E8 have report styles? E9 did also and it looked pretty much the same as E10 does now, per below; See Report location for the standard style.

Thanks!!! Was able to find the report name in Report Styles.

Do you know what field holds the Ship By date data? I’m thinking it’s in OrderHed but I’m not seeing a Ship By date

Yes. FYI, if you see a field in a program on your screen you can click in the field and then go to Help drop down Field Help (in E9 or E10 anyway) to see what table and field are used for it, per below.
Ship by is on Header called OrderHed.RequestDate
Ship by on the Line is called OrderDtl.RequestDate
Ship by on the Release is called OrderRel.ReqDate

In E9 and E10 these work via, order header ship date defaults onto line ship dates, line ship dates default onto release ship dates. Any can be changed and inherited onto lines and defaults, if user states yes. However, there may be discrete dates on a per release basis. If you have sales orders that allow differing ship dates between lines and releases, you may want to use the Order release dates on the report.


Thanks for the info. That feature doesn’t seem available in Epicor 8, but we’re upgrading soon so that’ll be useful to me in the future.

Yeah no field help in Vantage :confounded:. But the work around I found is to open the form in developer mode, then go to tools / customization, select your field and in the customization tools dialog you should get epibinding etc.