Upgrade from 10.1.600.25 To

I am trying to upgrade from 10.1.600.25 To on a test server. If I upgrade all the environments at the same time (which is not something I want to do on our live server) everything seems fine. If I upgrade just one environment everything seems fine. When I then try to upgrade another environment and get to the point where I login to the app and run the Data Conversion Workbench, there is a conversion PCConv905 which is marked to execute. It fails with a message that it has already been run on 2/23/2018 - which is when we upgraded from 905 to 10. I don’t know why this is trying to run again and I can’t get past this.
Supports suggestion was:
"Run this query in SQL management studio against the database for which you are trying to run the conversion workbench

update ice.cnvprogs
set ProgStatus=‘COMPLETE with ERRORS’, ProgressPercent=100, runuserid=‘manually_set_to_complete’
where ProgStatus=‘ERROR’

Close out of the application, log back in"

I did that and I still get the message that the system requires Data Conversion processing to complete when I try to login but when I go into Data Conversion Workbench there are no items marked to execute.

I passed this info on to support and have not heard back.

Any suggestions?

  1. Log into your Epicor client with a security manager user account, and it will put you into the Conversion Workbench.
  2. Click on User Run Conversions.
  3. Check the Exec box for the UD10.2.100.19 conversion, then Actions > Run Pending Conversions
  4. Click back on Auto Run Conversions, then Actions > Run Pending Conversions.
  5. Close out of your client, and log back in.

Does that put you into the main menu afterwards?

I don’t see any of the UD10.2.100 conversions in the list under User Run Conversions?

Ok, let’s take a look :slight_smile:

Meeting Number 921 138 408
password is (whisper/shhhhhh) epicor (all lowercase)

EDIT: ended the meeting. I am happy to take a look tomorrow. Just let me know.

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Can we do this today before 10:30 est?

Does 8:30a central–t-minus 37 minutes from now work for you? Please send me an email with the best number to reach you (naanderson AT epicor DOT com).

Yes! Sent you an email

To help those in the future that may run into a similar issue: when a ERP 10.x+ point update is installed on server, all that really happens is that we drop the updated files on the server (and we update the Epicor Administration Console)–the appservers and databases on that server are not automatically updated to that point update unlike earlier releases like with ERP 9.05 where the patch/server pack would update the appservers automatically.

After install a point update on the server, one needs to launch the Epicor Administration Console > Server Management > right-click on the name of the appserver one wishes to update > Application Server Configuration.

Click the Deployment Version dropdown, and select the latest point update installed on the server, then click the Deploy button–that will update the appserver.