Upgrade from 10.1.600 to 10.2.300 - UD Field Invalid

I am testing the 10.1.600 -> 10.2.300 upgrade, and everything seems to be working great, with only 1 exclusion: Reporting

It seems that most of our Custom Reports are failing. For example, when running the QuoteForm, it fails with:

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Invalid column name 'LeadTime_c'.

I have verified that the UD Column Maintenance shows green:

The RDD has the QuoteDtl_UD table, and none of the columns are excluded:

I am able to successfully sync the DataSet using Report Style Maintenance. I can edit the report and save it in the Report Designer without it giving any errors about invalid columns being referenced.

Using the Epicor Admin Console I did a “Regenerate DataModel” and “Recycle IIS Application Pool”, which did not seem to resolve it either.

Is there something I am overlooking in 10.2? None of the 10.1 tricks seem to work.

Sorry, no anwer… just questions.

Have you tested with a BAQ… data from UD fields is showing up?
Reason - I’ve seen similar issues - where it was a failed datamodel regen - even though there were no processing errors and everything looked like it was synced up afterwards.

Or… are these custom RDL(s) from version 10.1?
Occasionally I’ve needed to manually reconstruct custom RDLs after an upgrade.

I just finished rebuilding the RDD for QuoteForm, and it works. So I guess I will have to go through and rebuild any custom RDDs that I have. Luckily the RDDs are quick to do. Usually there is no more than 1 or 2 tables added to the stock one that I’ll have to link back up.

I had to rebuild most RDDs when we upgraded from 10.1 to 10.2, so I think you’re not alone in your frustration.

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Odd Epicor Uplifted All of Mine fine from 10.1.500.46 to 10.2.300.13. No Issues.

Do you have to make it from scratch?

Or can a simple change, saving, undoing that change and then re-saving, fix it?

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I do review the Report ChangeLog Notes for anything Major, but most of the time I dont have to do much.


1.	ERPS-74711 - QuotForm.rdl: Changed width and position of some text boxes to correctly display the Draw information, part description and the unit price. QuotForm_HeaderMiscCharges.rdl, QuotForm_LineMiscCharges.rdl & QuotForm_QuoteQtySubReport.rdl: Removed unused column and modified Height and Width of the text boxes to display the complete miscellaneous charge information. 

2.	ERPS-76804 - QuotForm.rdl: Changed width of the quantity break fields to display the entire information in the fields and changed the expression of the PricePer for quantity breaks to display numbers instead of letters.

3.	ERPS-103829 - QuotForm_QuoteSalesKits.rdl: Change DescLine to Cust_DescLine because it is used to define the part description when it has a foreign language defined otherwise it is set the default description


1.	SCR 209171 - POForm.rdl / POForm_SupplierParts.rdl: Added Pm_PODetail_VenPartNum new parameter to filter the main DS query and avoid repeating the POVendPartNum value.

2.	ERPS-86788 - POForm.rdl: Added new ReportImages dataset and new Header image control, as part of the configuration to add a company logo to the header of the report. Added Rectangle21 to place the image and avoid the elements on the right to move when the image is not visible.

3.	ERPS-94462 - POForm.rdl: Resized Header image control. Now its standardized size is: Height: 0.725in & Width: 3.3in.

4.	ERPS-94462 - POForm.rdl: Updated Rectangle21 Location property to: 2.52in, 0.175in. Also reduced size and moved LblPhone and LblFax labels, and TxtPhone and TxtFax text boxes to the right.

5.	ERPS-95628 - POForm.rdl: Updated Header image and Rectangle21 controls size to the new standard: W = 2.409in/H = 0.533in and positioned them near to LblHdng text box. Also moved this text box to the left so it would be better centered. In consequence, the size of TxtPONum control was reduced.


1.	ARForm.rdl: Now the functions are using the appropriate methods for access to _hashtable shared field.

2.	ARForm.rdl: Added a group to show FSA data on the report only if the invoice is from FSA, and added the fields to the RDD. Also adjusted the Legal number fields to be aligned with the new FSA fields.

3.	ARForm_Taxes.rdl: Description for Kit components was being always taken from PartNum_PartDescription, modified this to behave as non-sales kit parts (The code from ARForm.rdl was copied)

4.	ARForm.rdl: Unit Price and Ext Price column are hidden for sales kit with Component Pricing.

5.	ARForm_kits.rdl: Added a new row which shows discount information for the sales kit components when there is Component Pricing, the rows are only shown if the sales kit component discounts are different than zero.

6.	ARForm_kits.rdl: Modified the format expression of the textbox txtDiscount to use the number of decimals that is set in DecimalsGeneral instead of the ones in DecimalsPrice.

7.	ARForm.rdl: Added new ReportImages dataset and new Header image control, as part of the configuration to add a company logo to the header of the report.

8.	ARForm.rdl: Modified visibility expression, before it look for a record at detail level if the current page of the report doesn't contain items (depending of the number of lines, the totals may be moved to another page),if there is no details the hidden expression will fail making the section visible. modified the expression for look for the First element of the group, since the records are grouped by invoice num the records needed for the expression are located at the header level the results are the same.

9.	ARForm.rdl: Reverse Charges Taxes were added and now are displayed on the totals section.

10.	ARForm.rdl: Alignment for Line Subtotals was corrected.

11.	ARForm.rdl: corrected decimals of unit price to display the number of decimals for price according to the currency of the invoice.

•	Minor RDD Logic Changes
o	New Tables: CUSTCNT, FSAExtData, MXInvcRelFiscalFolio
o	New Relationships: Customer_CUTCNT, InvcHeadMXInvcRefFiscalF


You know, that is a damned good question. I’ll let you know in just a minute :slight_smile:

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The only time I rebuild them is when Epicor changed too much… in the RDL :slight_smile: the RDD usually works fine.

Some of you have Reports you Customized back in 10.1.400. Well since its a CustomReports style now, you do not benefit from Epicor’s fixes. Its the ones where it says “Wrong Formula, or Taxes Missing” that I worry about :slight_smile:

@ckrusen - Unfortunately making a change (excluding a column, saving, sync’n DataSet, un-excluding(?) that column, saving, sync’n dataset) did not fix the RDD. It seems that rebuilding is the way to go.

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JHecker why are you adding the QuoteDtl_UD Table? thats E9 days… Epicor already includes the Fields in the QuoteDtl table.

I usually dont have those problems. I did when I went from E9 to 10.1. You should have gotten alot more errors… when mixing _UD Table with the View.

@hkeric.wci - When updates include changes to the RDL, it is obviously just for the built-in style, correct?

And since most people build their custom styles off of the base style’s RDL, any updates to the base’s RDL wouldn’t be reflected in your custom styles. While most of these changes may be cosmetic (moving and re-sizing fields), some may include changes to expressions. And may include changes to the sub-reports.

How do you evaluate that your custom style is still “good”?


_UD isn’t required in the RDD anymore? Time to start looking into that :slight_smile:

You use “Sync Data” ?? :scream:


@ckrusen Am I not supposed to push that button?


I compare the Custom ones against the new Base ones with WinMerge - You will see the difference… and make an assesment…

But mostly first I review the Logs - there is a reports.zip that ships with your Epicor Server Deployments Folder, unzip that and it has all the reports history.txt I look there first to get an idea, if I see only cosmetics, I move on.

I also focus alot more on the Important Reports like Customer Reports – stuff we send out.


Actually I couldn’t even use _UD tables the RDD would complain about Key Constraints had to get a Fix from Epicor to remove it via SQL. How you got past that limitation is beyond me :slight_smile:

Most of the time Dont Push that Button unless you are 100% certain you build your entire RDL using the RDD and you made no additions or changes within the .RDL which is very unlikely… It will reset your RDL Query and Tables, Calculated Fields in the style itself…

I hope you have a backup of your style.

Basically, dont ever use it… Epicor should actually remove that button :slight_smile:


It’s always given me problems. But if it works for you …

I’ve seen it totally FUBAR a report. It totally restructures the dataset.
If you’re like me and don’t use it. You have to manually edit the query expression and add the fields in the RDL. There are two camps here, those that use “Sync Data”, and those that are glad they don’t. If it has been working for you, then stick with what you know.

P.S. - The Epicor help topic for customizing a built-in report shows you how to do it without using Sync Data. And they don’t show it with using it.

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@jhecker where was your Report Style Located at? I hope it was in /CustomReports/… and you didnt just modify the original report, which you would have lost during upgrade.

Even Datix an Epicor Partner has a blog post out there suggesting you place your Custom Report in the Original Report Folder, which is wrong! It will only bring trouble. Just because it comes from a Gold Partner, doesnt mean its accurate :slight_smile: