Upgrade from E10 to Kinetic 2021.2

We are at the beginning stages or upgrading from E10 to Kinetic.
I have a new server where I installed SQL Server 2019 and Kinetic 2021.2.10.
I restored a back of our E10.2.600.13 DB (SQL Server 2014) on this new server and successfully upgraded the DB.

We have a lot of custom reports in our E10 SSRS DB but I do not see any instructions on how to upgrade this DB so that our reports come along for the ride.

Is this possible?
If yes, it is documented somewhere?
If no, what is the process for moving these reports from E10 to K21?

@joerojas I an doing this also now for our 100+ reports and I believe @josecgomez has a tool that will do this migration, but I just made a solution of all of our reportstyles. I filtered for StyleNum > 100 to eliminate system reports and selected them all. This will prompt asking if you want to also include the RDD and you have to click yes every time. Then when you build the solution it will ask if you want to include the rdl and you click yes every time.

I then install the solution on the destination systems and fix any broken reports in my dev instance and then make a solution for the fixed reports the same way to move them to production.


Here’s the tool @gpayne is referring to in case you want to use it, we use it all the time works well enough