User access

I need help. When i give users access to certain things it usually works but once in a while it doesn’t. What am i doing wrong? Our users have groups associated with them and i give them access to things via group. I am having a hard time giving access to DMR processing. Help

Can you show the access setup and what error you get?

i don’t get an error. The user cannot see it when they search for it

Check if the user has access to all of the folders on the menu path; Production Management, Quality Assurance, General Operations

Hey Zack,
I did. She is under the AP group which i have on that path.

Check the Disallow Access tab. I got stuck as you did until I found that the Disallow Access tab was populated.

Often when I have this problem the user hasn’t closed Epicor completely and logged back in for the new permissions to take effect.