Valid Supplier Purchase Point

So, trying to sort out something with material on a job.

We can’t save the supplier for the part on the job entry screen because it keeps telling us we need “A valid Supplier Purchase Point is required”

However, if we check the supplier, there are 3 purchase points there, and one is marked as Primary, but nothing. What makes a Purchase Point “valid”? I have tried swapping the primary location to different ones, as well as not having a primary, and nothing seems to work, and I don’t see any fields that would seem to be required and no problem changing anything in there either.

Thoughts? Just trying to keep things working while working on the implementation of E10…

This error sounds interesting! I wonder if it is referring to an approved supplier entry. Please open the Part in Part Entry and then select Actions > Approved Suppliers. Check to see if there is an entry. If there is even one entry then the system requires all suppliers you can purchase this part from to be in the list. If there is not any entries then the system allows you to buy the part from any supplier.

Yeah, that is empty.

The weird part is that the supplier we are trying to select for this job is the default supplier on the Plant - Detail page of the part in question.

This is an old post but wanted to add something I discovered. I’m trying to import some BOOs using DMT and I kept being told I needed a Valid Supplier Purchase Point for a handful of my SubContract operations even though I have no Purchase Points set up for any of my parts. I fixed it by setting the suppliers as Primary in the Supplier Price List for the subcontract part. They do not have to be Approved; only Primary. Using Epicor 10 by the way.