Still new to Scheduling - Finding Overloads

Good morning! I am still digging into scheduling in Epicor. My previous scheduling experience was with MS Project, so this is quite a bit different. I am used to being able to see the entire schedule in one export. Is that possible in Epicor?

I have looked at the overload informer. I see that there are lots of rows showing dates where we are over capacity on the resource. But how can I can I tell which job/part is overloaded? I have poked around in all the reports and graphs, but I am having trouble answering a couple questions.

  1. Do we have capacity to run this new job? Do I have to answer this by reviewing the load on each resource group individually?

  2. What jobs are at risk of not being completed due to low capacity? Can I identify the operation where the job is likely to start falling behind due to lack of available resources?

What are the best tools (in Epicor/Kinetic) that you all use to answer these questions? I have looked at the resource schedule load graphs and shop load graphs. These seem quite information-dense, yet they don’t really show me where my issues are.

EDIT: Could I pull any of this information into a BAQ? If so, what tables would I use? I find working with the data helps me wrap my head around the setup.

Thanks for your time!

I usually start with pulling data from the standard forms/reports.

e.g. Priority Dispatch, Shop Load report(s), I make a custom style(s), formatted for Excel data only.
or Resource Scheduling Board, I might put in my date range but won’t specify a resource. then I can copy the Scheduling Board List sheet contents into Excel, which is a little easier (for me) to decipher.

As far as BAQ(s), I know there are a existing topics that I found helpful but… don’t have the links handy right now but if I can remember/find, I will post later.

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The current search tool for this site isn’t always the greatest but… with a little digging I almost always find A LOT of existing topics. Here are just a few of the many links on scheduling that I’ve found helpful.

Would your site pony up for Epicor courses on scheduling?
Since (I think) it is the most difficult area of Epicor to master… doesn’t lend itself so easily to the autodidactics among us.

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and maybe take a look at some of the existing, system BAQs?
e.g. I’ve found these helpful

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I really struggled with this issue for a while.

The info you require is in epicorerp.ERP.resourcetimeused and EpicorErp.erp.ShopCap tables, but it requires a bit of complex SQL to get the info into a tabular format that you can then use in reports and graphs.

In the end I used Power Pivot as the means to display the info in a format that was useful to the planners.

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