Where did Kinetic Application Maintenance go?

We just had Pilot updated to 2022.2.1. I exploring transitioning the Company to Kinetic Forms ( after a 1 year break… ) Kinetic Application Maintenance is gone… or am I having a brain cramp… ???

Dean Miller

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Is that released to all cloud now?

Yes, released last week, been kickin the tires…


@timshuwy do you know when it’s avaiable to all users to download?

I believe they finally created the kinetic version of menu maintenance - kinetic application maintenance was just supposed to be a stop gap.


Ahhh, :see_no_evil: opened up the Kinetic Menu maintenance, and lo and behold, there it is !! Thank you !!


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Here is a preview of the Menu maintenance. Note dll’s for Classic and Kinetic… Tracker for Classic and Entry for Kinetic. Nice in the way that same customization’s ( adding fields ) will be done in 1 place for the tracker and the Maint screen…

Looks the same for me in 2022.1.

I still have kinetic application studio maintenance.

OK, I have not been using Kinetic Menu Maint :roll_eyes:. Thought this was new for dot two. Oh a new phrase ( it rhymes) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Kinetic 2022.1 goes GA on October 20… if you are part of the Controlled release program (CR) then you get early versions this month to do some testing.

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Thank you!

While they have created the new UI for the Menu processes-
They took away the integrated Security Process – so you will need to open up a second screen.

Just wonder if a classic Updatable dashboard could change the Kinetic checkbox versus drilling into each process one by one.


*2022.2 patch .2 or .3

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