New UDTable or Another way?

Hi there

Ive been asked to create a new tab on a Case Entry. This tab they would like to enter multiple lines of data, recording information of Work activities.

I have pondered on how best to achieve this as the data needs to be linked to the case. At first I thought I could use an updateable dashboard, but then I realised that they require multiple lines storing which I don’t think would work.

What is the best way to solve this? I though creating a UD table called ‘Work Activity’ and set keys to link to the case then create an updateable dashboard to write the data the table?

I have never done this before and hope to do with as little coding as possible.

Any advice much appreciated :slight_smile:

Have a look at “Task” in case entry, may be it might fit your requirement.

Try the “Add User Defined Table As Child” wizard. It does most of the work to set up a UD table as a child. After running it you will have a new item in you new menu and a new EpiDataView that you can bind to a grid.


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Thankyou this looks promising, so it would create a case child table ?

Yep. Run the wizard, save and restart your customization. Then add a grid that is bound to the new UD table, save and restart your customization again and play with the results.

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As we only have 40 ud tables and weve used so many, I was kinda hoping it could be achieved with uusing up a ud table.

The idea of using task could work, if I added a few ud fields to it to capture the data required, could the task table then be added to the case as a new tab- like an updateable dashboard? just playing about with these ideas, and want to do it the right way first time round, I guess workflows could be setup to allow users to add more tasks easily?

You can use your UD tables for more than one thing. Tasks and workflows are also a possibility, but I know some people do like how rigid the structure is.