Adding a release to a line after job has run

We recently made the switch to Epicor 10 and are having issues adding a release to a line after the job is linked/complete. In Epcior 9, we would go to the Fulfillment Workbench and under actions choose “Unallocate and Unreserve.” That would then allow CS to reduce the quantity on the line in Order Entry on the first release and then add another release.
It does not work now - we receive an error that says “Quantity of this release cannot be decreased below the Reserved or Allocated quantity.” Does anyone have any ideas or workarounds that we can use? Thank you!

You might want to confirm that the Unallocate action actually unallocated by checking the PartAlloc table for any records for that Order, Line & Release. Also confirm the part in Part Tracker > Allocations and the Allocated Qty in the Part Tracker > Warehouses tab.
We have found that sometimes the allocation qty’s do not match or some other issue.
Sometimes running the “Refresh Part Qty’s & Allocation’s” can clear this up. Not sure if running it during times of heavy transactions is a good idea though.

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I’ve run into exactly the same problem, for exactly the same reason - I want to split a release in two and decrease the quantity on the first. We do this all the time, but this is the first time I’ve run into this problem. We were able to change the ProdQty on the JobProd, but we cannot change the quantity on the release itself. I can see the reserve in the PartAlloc table. Nobody knows how the release got reserved in the first place, possibly human error. Unreserve does nothing, with no error in the UI or server log. (10.2.100)

On the Supply tab in the Fulfillment Workbench, the Reserved Qty column appears to be editable. If I change it to zero, it changes back. If I change it to any other value, including a value less than its current value, I get an error that says, “The reserved quantity is greater than the available quantity.”

Did you ever find a solution for this problem?

I have found that you can close the Order Line or the Order then reopen those releases that need to be opened and the one that you need to fix. After i have done this i was able to change the qty on the offending first release and then close that release and leave the second release open.

This worked, thanks for the tip!