Adding Part Attribute Fields to PO Entry Line Detail Screen

Hi All,

Apologies but i am new to all this, running E10 cloud Kinetic - I am trying to add some UD fields from the Part table to PO Line detail screen. They only need to be read only on here so not updatable.

Part Length/Weight etc are really important to us when we are raising new POs so we need visibility from this screen of the information.

The fields do not exist in PODetail table so i presume i need to do a BAQ to pull them through/link from Part to PODetail table? Is there anyone who can help me with the steps i need to take? I know how to add a UD field to the screen and request a database regen but not sure how to bring the fields through from the part table.

Below are the fields i need to pull through.

[Part].[NetWeight] as [Part_NetWeight],
[Part].[PartLength] as [Part_PartLength],
[Part].[PartWidth] as [Part_PartWidth],
[Part].[UD_Alloy_c] as [Part_UD_Alloy_c],
[Part].[UD_Finish_c] as [Part_UD_Finish_c],
[Part].[UD_Temper_c] as [Part_UD_Temper_c],
[Part].[Colour_c] as [Part_Colour_c]
from Erp.Part as Part

Once you customize the form, you go to the toolbox and add a new text field. Find the Epibinding property and set that to the field you want to show.

Hi Nate,

Thanks for the reply, the fields from the Part Table do not exist in the PO Detail table so you cannot just link them up via the Epibinding as far as i am aware (but i am no expert in this)

You could do it this way. See if that makes sense to you.