Any people into Vanagons?

One of my other passions is unusually the good ole Vanagon. Just wondering if anyone else had some other thing other than Epicor that you did in your spare time?

There’s more to life than Epicor?

:thinking:You might be onto something there… What about Vanagons?

Didn’t even know what that was until 2 minutes ago when I Googled it. :grin:


As Joshua Bardwell says…“Your’re goijng to learn something today”… And you did Yeah!

Does that mean I can go home now?

You are excused until the 7th of January

We’re fully circle now. What am I gonna do for two and a half weeks without Epicor??

Well…There’s this small e10 implementation project going on in Australia…

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Sounds like a few courses in Angular, and TypeScript could fill up that void… #TrustMe you’ll need them in the future.

What are you using those for?


It’s what the next Epicor Framework is based on, so learning the language and such before its released will give you a huge advantage. Think learning C# before you get into Epicor.

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Makes sense. Is there a release that uses it, so I can play with it in the Epicor world?
C# isn’t going away, is it?

Ther’es nothing public that uses it yet, but you can play with it and REST.

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I’m just starting to understand C#!!! !!! !! Now I have to learn something new!!! !!! !!


I would expect that there will a choice to select when customizing… like currently it is between VB and C#, a new choice will show as TS maybe ?


@Hogardy its a whole new framework and a whole new environment. They demoed some of it at Insights last year, Epicor University is using it now as their interface. All Web Based.

@josecgomez nice job hijacking @Hally’s thread by way.


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ohhh I see…sorry… so complete different way to use Epicor…sounds promising !..
When it will be implemented, would that mean converting our c# to Typescript (similar as going from 9 to version 10) ?
As well…timeframe of availability? we are talking months or years ? (if such info was provided of course…)