AP Invoice notice When Part Still in Inspection Processing


I’m trying to create a BPM with either Custom C# code or BAQs that give a pop-up message when at least 1 line from a PO is still in Inspection Processing.

I’m not 100% sure which BO (Erp.ApInvoice.GetNewInvcDtl?) to use and am having difficulty with the code as it doesn’t like me using PartTran. InvcDtl does not have PONum field and only links to InvcHead by InvoiceNum which is what is making this all really hard.

Any ideas? can this even be done?

Have you run a trace to see which BOs are called?

Yes I have, and I wasn’t as helpful as I was hoping. The trace shows that this was used
but I can’t find that anywhere in the search

I’ve been tasked with this. It’s not quite on my radar yet, but my plan is to have a custom field to populate when a line goes into inspection from a PO. That way the BPM for what you’re doing will be easier to filter those lines out.

The business object you want is APInvoice: (my screen will differ due to the version)


You can always remove the “impl” from the object as it is a specific implementation of the parent object. This is an object-oriented programming naming convention. It was more important when there might be an SQL implementation vs a Progress implementation, etc.

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Thank you, I was wondering why Trace was so useful for others when I couldn’t find any of the BO that I had when I ran it lol. Cheers


Create a BPM on Post-Processing of BO/Method APInvoice.ChangeRefPONum. The condition linking RcvDtl for the PONum is RcvDtl.Invoiced = false and RcvDtl.InspectionReq = true and RcvDtl.InspectionPending = true

Thank you Arul.

I created a Dashboard to display the BAQ I made to placate users while I figured this out and they are happy with the Dashboard. Told me not to worry about the BPM (though I will still work on it to see if I can do it).

The BAQ just uses PartTran with a SubQuery for RcvHead & RcvDtl. It displays the PONum, Line, Part TranType, Date, & Qty. In the DB I make any line with TranType starting with ‘INS-%’ display green so when grouped by PO if the user sees green when they look up their PO then they are good to go. Of course, I restrict only Received Lines with Inspection required and added a date >= search in the DB.

Now I gotta make that BPM, will get back to you :slightly_smiling_face: :grinning:

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I realize this is an older post, but it’s the most relevant.
I am investigating doing something similar. A few thoughts I had while reading this thread:
-I believe you will find your PO and Receipt information in APTran.
-Instead of using a custom field on the receipt for filtering, consider using a datatag, that is attached with a BPM when part goes into Inspection and removed when the part clears inspection. You can also use the data tag in a dashboard to search to find everything being held back from Invoicing.

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