APM Selected Text Not Recognized (E10)

I’m working with doc-link ver 3.048 build 39 trying to set up some documents to be emailed. My issue is when I go to the ERM configuration and try to set the identifying property for the report. I select the option to ‘Show selected text in a pop up’ however when I select any of the text on the page the pop up is blank. Also once I set the value for the identifying property and reprinted the report it was not a recognized document type. So I’m pretty sure the values are not being captured. Has anyone ran into this issue or know why APM would not be recognizing the text? My print is an EMF type file (using the HP Laserjet 5 driver). My report is the PO form, it is a customized version of the ssrs out of the box report. I can see the report in the EMF Viewer and it visual looks fine. Any insight into this issue would be appreciated.

If you are using the winprint NT EMF processor with the HP 5 Driver you should be good to go. In this later version of DocLink XPS is also available you might want to give that a go.

I did try one driver, I can’t remember which one. It did however output files type XPS, but the same thing happens when I try to select the text. The pop up is blank.

I was able to speak with support and we were able to identify my problem and resolve it. The issue was when I was printing the form from Epicor I selected PDF as my output type. I should have selected EMF (I didn’t realize this was even an option). A hint that this is the issue is that the selected text is not showing up in the selected text area, and the text on the form is jagged and looks a little off when its rendered. When I used the EMF version, where the selected text showed up, the text on the document was crisp and clear.

I have seen the same symptoms when a user saves the report to a PDF then opens the PDF and prints it to the ERM printer. I setup the reports to have a default archive time of 7 days so that we can ‘reprint’ them if needed.