Auto load issue

I have a user that his auto load programs are causing Epicor to crash as soon as he logs in.

I want to stop the auto load for his user. Where are those stored?



If i recall correctly you can launch Epicor with Holding Shift Down… or Control and stop the auto load process.

Then in favorites you can right click and remove the auto load

Thanks, Shift or control didn’t stop it. I also tried using /AUTOLOADSUPPRESS to stop them, but he still crashed.

Hmm I just tested it and Shift did stop it for me… very odd…

It could be just a personalisation that is causing the crash. Look in personalisation purge, search by that user, and find anything related to main menu.

Support had me use –AUTOLOADSUPPRESS and that didn’t work either for this user. I had to purge his main menu layouts, since he made a change there yesterday and that cleared the issue.



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Since it’s upon auto-loading (no data involved), I’d say that it must be a customization or personalization, or a one-off fix that was applied to one of those screens on another workstation and to some of the data processing on the server, but not on this particular workstation. Assuming that whoever applied the patch also updated the server’s client image, this might be fixed by running mfgsys.exe with -update.

Perhaps a straight-jacket or a pair of handcuffs for that user might help in the future.

Kevin Simon

I purged his main menu layout dated yesterday and he was good again.

Possibly. He has over a hundred personalizations.